Can I Update My Will in California?

As life goes on, people experience a significant amount of changes. It is because of this that, if they have a will, it is important that it reflects these changes. A will is not set in stone when it is written. It should be revisited and updated as time goes on. Continue reading below to learn more about how this is done and contact an experienced California estate planning attorney for assistance.

How do I Update a Will?

When a person experiences major changes in their life, it is important to update their will. This may be the case in the event of many different things. For example, marriage or divorce can result in a significant financial change. This should be included in a will, whether or not you are gaining or losing certain assets. Other changes a person may see in their life can include the addition or loss of a life. They may wish to include a person to their will if they give birth or adopt a child. Alternatively, they can take a beneficiary out of a will in the event of death.

What is a Codicil?

In the state of California, the easiest way to amend a will is by writing a codicil. This is an addition or supplement that can explain, modify, or revoke part of a will. When making a change to an old will, the individual can label the document a codicil to that will and sign the document. This must be done in the presence of two adult witnesses. This works best in the event of small changes, such as adding a new child to a will so they can inherit assets from the estate. However, complex changes can be more difficult. 

It is important to know that any cross-outs or additions made to the document after-the-fact that are not validly executed as codicils can be disregarded by probate court. This is unless there is clear and convincing evidence that they represent the individuals wishes. However, it is best to not take this risk and ensure any modifications made to a will are done correctly. An experienced attorney can assist during this process.

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