Do I have to divide my estate evenly?

When an individual starts their estate plan, they may not be sure what to do or what is considered appropriate when dividing an estate. What is important to know is that you really do have freedom over your estate plan. You don’t have to include anyone in your will that you don’t want to. Here are a few different questions that people have when it comes to making their estate plan.

Do I have to include my children?

Some people wonder if they are obligated to include their children in their will. Nope. No one can make you include your children in your will. Some parents simply don’t have a good relationship with their child or children.

Do I have to give everyone the same amount?

There are plenty of situations in which a person’s children are at various stages of responsibility. You can divide your estate in any way you want to. If you believe that your oldest child is far more responsible than one of your younger children, maybe you should set up a trust that one of the children can’t access until a certain age. Or, you can simply give one child fewer assets than the other.

Of course, it all depends on your situation. You should express your concerns to your estate planning attorney and they can guide you in a direction that may be best for you and the future of your estate.

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