Ensuring the Validity of a Will

Planning one’s estate is essential when they wish to achieve peace of mind about the future. One of the most important components of a comprehensive estate plan is to draft a will. Wills are important because they allow individuals to declare wishes for their estate and ensure that only their true loved ones are beneficiaries. An individual does not have to be of significant means in order to create an estate plan. More than anything, they serve to make sure assets of any size are granted to those who the testator would like to have them when they are no longer with us.

When drafting a will in California, it is essential to make sure that the state requirements are met so that the will is considered valid and can go into effect. California requires that a valid will is in writing, is known to actually be a will by the testator, is witnessed by two people, and that the testator verbally informs the witnesses that they are at the signing of a will.

There may be certain instances in which a family member wishes to contest the will after the testator passes away, as they may believe that there was undue influence or another negative factor in the drafting of the will that would make it invalid.

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