How Can I Make Sure My Pet Is Cared For After I Die?

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You may assume that a friend or family member is willing to take your pets in when you pass away. However, we think that it is a better idea to know for sure what will happen to your furry friends when you are gone. We understand that it is not pleasant to think about, but making some plans now can help you ensure that your pets will have a good life even after you are gone. A San Fernando Valley pet trust attorney can help you with this.

What Are the Benefits of a Pet Trust?

Our law firm can help you set up a pet trust. This would essentially allow you to provide for your pet after you have passed away. You could just leave your pets to someone in your will along with a sum of money that could be used to pay for their care, but we think that establishing a pet trust is a more comprehensive way of doing that.

When you set up a pet trust, you put a certain amount of money aside that can be used to care for their needs. This money is there to pay for food, vet visits, and anything else your pet could possibly need. You can also leave instructions for how you would like your pet to be cared for. Which vet do they go to? What kind of food do they eat? Answer any questions that a new caregiver could have and leave clear instructions.

You can also make plans for what you want to happen to your pets once they pass away. You can make plans for their burial or cremation, and the person managing your trust will do their best to meet your expectations. Finally, you can decide what will happen if any funds remain in the trust after your pets have passed away. Many choose to donate to a charitable cause that helps animals.

Does the Caretaker of My Pets Manage the Trust?

The new caretaker of your pets can manage the trust for you, but that is not a requirement. Some people choose two people, one to manage the trust and one to take care of their pet when they are gone. This can work out well if you have one friend who loves your pets but is not the best at managing money. They could make a great caretaker and another loved one could be the best trustee.

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