How do I establish a pet trust?

California law recognizes that people may want to make plans for their pets. In some circumstances, the law permits people to create a trust for care and maintenance of their pets. To find out how to do this, it is best to contact our professional attorneys for a consultation about this matter. They can help you understand the process of how to set up this trust. This can protect your pet after you die. Due to this, they can have someone care for them. They may not have to go to a shelter but instead may be able to live with a trusted friend or relative that can take care of them for you. This loved one may be more aware of your pet’s personality and their routine. This can be beneficial for the animal since they can stay on the same plan and not have to change their ways.

A pet trust can be established in the deceased’s will. It may be a part of a revocable living trust or a stand-alone trust. The terms of a pet trust should be very personalized just as the terms are for gifts to other beneficiaries. When you give guidance to the trustee, it can be broad or specific. When naming a trustee for the trust, it does not have to be the same as the caregiver for your pet. You do have the option to name the caregiver as the trustee or you may wish to name someone else.

What details should I include for the trust?

When you appoint a caregiver for your pet, it is important to give detailed directions. You know how your pet is. You see them and live with them every day. Because of this, you know what they like and what they do not like. List the foods that your pet likes. List the foods they do not like. Name the veterinarian that you bring your pet to. Even list any medications that your pet has been taking. Also, you will want to instruct your trustree on how to spend the funds remaining in the trust when your pet dies. If you wish to have your pet cremated or buried upon their death, include that as well. This can all help to ensure your pet is in good care when you are gone.

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