How Has the Coronavirus Impacted Estate Planning in California?

Talking about estate planning is often difficult for anyone. However, due to the fact that we are currently living in times of the Coronavirus pandemic, the discussion is more necessary than ever. It is important for anyone to have an estate plan that prepares them for their future as well as that of their loved ones and assets. While the pandemic can make creating an estate plan a little more difficult, the information below describes how this can still be possible during this time. Continue reading to learn more and contact an experienced California estate planning attorney.

Signing Estate Planning Documents

In the state of California, online notarizations are currently not permitted. It is because of this that individuals who wish to have their documents witnessed and notarized within the state must still meet in person. While this can be difficult due to stay-at-home orders and social distancing, it is not impossible. Instead, individuals can accomplish this by participating in window-separated signings. This can be done anywhere in which a window can be kept between the participating parties so that they can communicate with both sight and sound. It is important that this follows all state and federal guidelines for social distancing, health protection, and sanitization. 

How Can I Review my Documents?

While current stay-at-home orders prohibit in-person meetings, technology makes virtual conferences possible to review the documents within your estate plan. This can also be done over the phone. This allows you to discuss the documents with your attorney as well as prepare them so that they can be sent to you.

Exchanging Copies of Existing Estate Planning Documents

When an estate plan is created with the assistance of an attorney, the documents may have been kept electronically or physically. If you need access to your documents, whether it may be for review or an emergency, you can contact your attorney to receive these documents either through the mail or by email.

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