Should I Create a Pet Trust in California? | What You Need to Know

A trust is an important way to handle assets when it comes to estate planning. There is a trust for almost every situation, including making arrangements for your pet. Read on to learn more about pet trusts in California.

What is a pet trust?

When a pet trust is created, it ensures that a pet will be looked after when its owner’s life ends. In a pet trust, you can designate who should care for your pet and you can set aside money for pet food and veterinarian visits. 

How can I create a pet trust?

A pet trust can be created in the form of a will, as part of a revocable living trust, or a stand-alone trust. When this is created, the terms can be personalized for the pet just as they would be for any other beneficiary. When creating this trust, it is important to name a trustee. This person does not necessarily have to be the same as the caregiver for the pet. These plans have the option to be modified should the owner wish to name the caregiver as the trustee or name another person entirely throughout their life.

What information is needed for a pet trust?

In creating a trust, it can be beneficial to give detailed, specific directions for the caregiver, for example, these may be things that the caregiver should be aware of when taking over the responsibility of being their new owner. This information can include the foods the pet likes or dislikes, the veterinarian they typically visit, any medications the pet is taking, and more. They should also be aware of any plans for when the animal passes as well. This may include allotted funds as well as burial or cremation plans. Having this information ensures the deceased’s pet will be taken care of exactly the way they would have themselves.

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