What are the different types of wills in California?

The state of California has three different options for those who create a will. It is important for everyone to create a will to make sure their property is distributed according to their wishes after their death. A will allows you to choose your beneficiaries and decide who gets to inherit what.

The first type of will, which is recommended, is a will that has been prepared by an estate planning attorney. They have an understanding of all of California’s various estate laws that determine what makes your will valid in the eyes of the state. Creating a will with the assistance of an estate planning attorney is beneficial because they can lay out all of your options that you may not have been aware existed. For example, some people aren’t aware that they don’t have to give all of their beneficiaries their inheritances immediately upon their death. If you have a child that you don’t think is mature enough to be given a large fund of money, you can put it in a trust that they can only access once they reach a certain age.

Another option when creating a will is to create a handwritten will. When you choose this option, it must be written completely in your own handwriting, and most importantly, it must be legible. If this you write a handwritten will, you must sign and date it and make sure it is completely understandable. You must make it easy to determine what you are leaving and to whom you are leaving it. If it is not clear and understandable, it may not be considered valid, which can cause problems for your family members upon your death. You don’t have to have a witness to your will or have it notarized.

Finally, you have the option to have a statutory will that may be the best bet for some people that don’t have many assets to leave behind. You can download a form from the state of California that allows you to fill in the information about your estate.

If you need help preparing a will, it is always best to seek the advice of an experienced wills, trusts, and estates attorney who can provide you with assistance.

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