What does the probate process include?

Dealing with the death of a loved one is a sad experience that causes emotional turmoil. When they pass away, families may be left handling their estate. In order to prepare, it is best to seek estate administration options. The stress of planning legal and financial issues may be something families cannot bear after a death.

For the probate process, the court is included in gathering and distributing a deceased person’s assets. Documents that regard estate administration must be legalized to prove their validity.

How does a will help with estate administration?

A will is a legal document that ensures a person’s wishes regarding their estate after they die. Probate proves the legality of the will and allows the court to distribute the assets described. An executor is someone who is involved in this process. This individual is named by the deceased person to distribute their assets accordingly. This may be outlined in the will.

The executor is the representative that has the legal responsibility to take care of the deceased person’s remaining financial obligations. They may be named in the will specifically or appointed by the court. Some of their responsibilities include providing accounting to the court, paying outstanding debts and taxes and collecting, protecting and distributing assets according to the will’s specification. If you have been assigned as an executor, it is a serious task to take on. You may want to seek our legal counsel to ensure the tasks are done thoroughly. During times of death, it may be hard to focus and think clearly. We can help provide a clear state of mind to ensure everything is done properly.

When do I receive the order for final distribution?

After probate matters are wrapped up and taxes are paid, an estate may be closed. The personal representative of the deceased party must file a petition for final distribution. With this petition, they should include an accounting of all monetary transactions and a summary of actions that took place during the process of probate. Once this document is seen by a judge and the judge issues an order for final distribution, the executor can distribute the property to beneficiaries.

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