What Happens During the Probate Process in California?

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There is nothing worse than losing a loved one; it is the ultimate tragedy. That said, if you’re prepared legally, it can make matters easier and allow you to focus more on what matters most. Please continue reading and reach out to a knowledgeable Woodland Hills probate attorney from the Law Offices of Yacoba Ann Feldman to learn more about the probate process in California, whether you can avoid it, and how a competent legal team can help you through the process. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What happens during the probate process in California?

To start, the first thing you should understand is that not every estate will have to go through probate here in California. If all of a decedent’s assets were placed in a trust, for example, they will likely not have to go through probate. That said, if your loved one had not placed all of their assets into a trust, you were named the executor of his or her estate, and you’re about to go through probate, you’re most likely wondering what it will entail. Just some of the things you’ll have to do, depending on your individual circumstances, are as follows:

  • Pay off any remaining debts or bills left by your loved one
  • Identify and secure assets
  • Fix any income tax issues your loved one may have had
  • Have the decedent’s property appraised
  • Collect proceeds from life insurance policies
  • Manage the estate checking account
  • Fill out and file all probate-related documentation timely and properly
  • Transfer assets from the decedent to the appropriate beneficiaries
  • Distribute assets to beneficiaries after all the decedent’s bills and taxes have been paid

Rather obviously, the probate process is quite an involved one, which is why you should strongly consider proceeding only with the assistance of a competent probate lawyer.

How can a probate lawyer help me?

With a state-license probate lawyer in your corner, you ensure the process moves along as smoothly as possible, decreasing the risk of any potential disputes. Our legal team has represented countless individuals through the probate process over the years, and we can help you as well. Our job is to help you move through the process as efficiently as possible so you can focus on what matters most–your family and your future. If you have any other questions about the probate process or you need an attorney to guide you through it, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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