What is a pet trust?

As people grow older, they may have pets that they keep around for company. Pets usually do not live as long as we would like them to. However, if an elder is approaching the end of their life and their pet is still around, they can create a pet trust. This can provide a plan for the pet after the elder, their owner, becomes too ill or dies. The state of California recognizes the right of pet owners to create a pet trust for their furry friends. The laws in California allows people to create a trust that can detail the care for a pet after the owner has died.

How do I set up this trust?

To set up a pet trust for your lovable companion, you can include it in your will. Through a will, you can establish a pet trust. This can be a part of a revocable living trust or a stand-alone trust. Since each pet is different, the terms of the trust should be specific to that pet. If your cat likes a certain dry food, include that. Give as much detail pertaining to the care and maintenance of your pet as possible. You want to make sure they are properly taken care of by whoever comes into the picture. Although you do not have to be specific for guidance, it can be beneficial to your pet’s future and be helpful for the trustee. When you give guidance to the trustee, it can be broad or specific. When naming a trustee for the trust, it does not have to be the same person as the named caregiver for your pet. You do have the option to name the caregiver as the trustee or you may wish to name someone else in this case.

Although it may be hard to plan for these topics, it can be beneficial in the end. Pet owners grow fond of their pets. We see pets as companions and they become a part of the family. When you are gone, you will want to ensure they are taken care of in the best way. Of course, your pet will recognize you are missing, but you can make sure their care does not change by detailing your usual activities. Including the name of your pet’s veterinarian is a good way to help a trustee as well.

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