What is an advance healthcare directive?

During our lifetime, it is important to think about how we want to be treated during our end of life care. Although this can be a morbid topic, in the long run, it can be beneficial. We should be the ones deciding what our medical care is. During our lives, we go to a doctor of our choosing and decide who to listen to. This should be no different at the time of end of life care. When it comes to the end of our lives, we can already have a plan in place that medical professionals can follow. This plan is called an advance healthcare directive. This document includes information regarding our end of life care. Each individual can decide if they want to donate organs, be put on life support and other measures that they wish to address. Not only can this help medical professionals adhere to your wishes, but it can also inform your family and friends on how you want to proceed at these times. If you are incapacitated or not in a clear state of mind, an advance healthcare directive can support you since it will be decided before these events happen.

What issues does it address?

An advance healthcare directive has the ability to plan for end of life care of your choosing. In this document, you have many topics that you can address. These can include setting a standard for determining your incapacity, communicating your wishes for life-saving care, ensuring decisions are made in accordance with your beliefs or principles, providing authority for loved ones to obtain your medical records and indicating whether the document is immediately effective or only upon incapacity. These are some examples of what you can address. You can include more in your directive if you wish to do so and it is an applicable issue.

While end of life care may seem far away, it is important to have these decisions made. Ultimately, it may be able to save your life. Otherwise, it may leave you in an unwanted state. Your life should be your decision, which is why an advance healthcare directive is so useful. It gives you the opportunity to make decisions beforehand when you are in a clear state of mind.

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