What is included in a will?

Estate administration is something that individuals should plan for during their lifetime. The loved ones of deceased individuals can understand what their wishes would have been through a will. With a will in place, it provides outlines for what the person would want for their estate. It states who their assets should go to. These individuals are called beneficiaries. Not only are beneficiaries named in a will, but executors are also named as well. The executor has responsibilities to accomplish to accomplish everything that needs to be done for estate administration.

A will is a legal document that ensures a person’s wishes regarding their estate is being followed after they die. Probate proves the legality of the will and allows the court to distribute the assets as they are outlined in the document due to a process that makes it legally binding. Before the deceased individual passes, they will have assigned someone as an executor to their estate. This person is in charge of making sure that the proper possessions are given to the right people. As an executor, they will have substantial responsibilities that require their cooperation.

What is the process of passing through probate like?

Once an individual dies, their executor should be the one to bring the will go to probate. They can file the will at the Surrogate Court where the deceased individual resided. Probate will allow the document to be a legal document. It can make it. The probate process proves the validity of legal documents regarding estate administration. Probate involves the validation of legal matters regarding a deceased person’s estate. When an individual makes a will, they need to be in a clear state of mind. It is important that this occurs to prove that they were creating the will of their own accord. They should not be influenced by any means such as bribery or have a family member coerce them. The individuals will need to have witnesses present to prove that they were in a clear state of mind. Upon completion of drafting the will, the individual can sign it and have it notarized. This will then show that the will is a legal document that the court will follow.

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