What is the Job of an Executor in California?

People create an estate plan with the intention of having a plan for what happens to their cherished belongings when their life is over. When this plan is made, the individual appoints another person to take care of these plans for them. This person is known as an executor. People who are named an executor within another’s estate plan have the responsibility of carrying out the individual’s final wishes. If you are the executor of an estate plan, it can be beneficial to retain the services of an experienced California estate administration attorney to guide you through this process and ensure your job is done correctly. 

What are the Tasks of an Executor?

The job of an executor is to manage the estate and assets within it to ensure they are handled the way the estate creator intended. This responsibility begins the moment the estate creator passes away. The first thing that must be done is to file the individual’s will with the Surrogate Court in order to begin the process of probate. Probate works to determine the validity of the will before the assets within it can be distributed. If the will is deemed valid, the process of administering the estate can continue.

The next step in doing so is to handle any financial requirements of the estate. For most plans, this means completing any outstanding payments or taxes that may exist. During this time, it can be beneficial for the executor to retain the services of an experienced attorney or accountant to ensure this is done correctly. After this is taken care of, the executor must distribute the remaining assets to the rightful beneficiaries. If there are any contests to the will or its contents, the executor is required to clear up these issues. 

Choosing an Executor

While creating an estate plan, it is important to appoint an executor that can be trusted. This individual must be able to handle the important tasks placed upon them. This involves acting in the best interest of the estate plan and the person who created it. In the event that the executor that is chosen is unable to do the job or acts negligently in doing so, this individual can be removed from their position. This can be done by filing a motion with a judge for removal. This motion can either be approved or denied. If it is approved, the judge can choose a new executor to complete the remaining tasks of the job.

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