What is the Purpose of a Personal Representative in California?

One of the most important decisions you will have to make when creating your estate plan is choosing who will execute it. To learn more about the role of a personal representative, do not hesitate to reach out to our skilled California estate planning attorneys.

What is the role of a personal representative?

A personal representative is a person that is appointed by a court to manage the estate of another individual. The selected representative will begin his or her duties after your death. While it is very important that you choose someone you trust, you must also consider picking a person that can handle these responsibilities while they are simultaneously grieving. Some of the many responsibilities a personal representative has in order to complete the process of closing the estate include the following:

  • First, you will want your personal representative to file your will with the Register of Wills. No matter if the will has to go through probate or not, this should take place in the county where you lived.
  • If appropriate, your personal representative must also file a petition for probate with the Orphans’ Court.
  • Your personal representative must publish a statement in the local newspaper, that states that anyone who has a claim to make against you should do so now.
  • Your representative will also have to produce a record of all your beneficiaries, assets, and any other remaining creditors. He or she must also take an inventory including the assets and their appraised values.
  • He or she will have to assure all outstanding federal, state, and estate taxes are filed.
  • Your representative will have to distribute all assets to beneficiaries listed in your will.
  • Your personal representative must manage any contested issues of asset distribution among heirs.
  • Finally, he or she will file a Certificate of Compliance to close your estate.

Additionally, you will want to take note that your personal representative will need to coordinate with all parties that play a role in settling your estate. This includes attorneys, trustees, financial planners, accountants, beneficiaries, and creditors. You must choose your personal representative responsibly. He or she must be qualified, reliable, and prepared for the unknown. To learn more about this, do not hesitate to reach out to our skilled California estate planning attorneys today. You can rely on our dedicated legal team to provide you with the guidance you need during this time.

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