What Should I Expect From the First Meeting With an Estate Planning Attorney?

As your life goes on and you continue to acquire assets, it is important to create an estate plan. This is because it ensures there is a plan laid out for these belongings in the event of your death. When creating an estate plan, it can be very beneficial to retain the services of an experienced estate planning attorney, as they can guide you through the process. Continue reading below to learn more about what to expect during the first meeting with an attorney. 

Should I Create an Estate Plan Myself?

It is possible for you to create an estate plan on your own. Having any kind of estate plan is better than nothing, as it provides some sense of guidance to loved ones regarding the wishes you have for your estate. However, it is almost always better to receive the assistance of an attorney who can guide you throughout this process. This ensures your plan will be thorough and include everything you need. 

Does My Spouse Need to Come to the Meeting With Me?

While your spouse is not required to come into the meeting with an estate planning attorney, it can be very helpful. Oftentimes, spouses tend to have the same desires about how they want to provide for their family and what they want to leave behind to loved ones in the event of their death. However, there are instances in which spouses can have certain separate goals. It is because of this that each individual can properly represent themselves and their wishes by attending the meeting.

What Should I Bring to the Consultation?

When attending a meeting with an estate planning attorney, it is important to be prepared. However, the attorney does not necessarily need certain paperwork. Instead, they will walk you through the process and ask questions pertaining to what you need. It is because of this that it can be important to mentally prepare yourself and think about the following matters beforehand:

  • Who you would like to inherit your assets and belongings
  • If you have any children that are minors, who you would like to raise them, etc.
  • The different kinds of property you own
  • Who you want to be in charge of carrying out your wishes

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