What Should I Include in My Digital Estate Plan?

Due to the current health situation of the world in dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak, many people are looking into having a plan for the future of their estate. This is critical, as no one is able to predict what may happen tomorrow. However, due to changing times and most people managing their lives online, many are turning towards digital estate plans instead of the traditional paper documentation. When creating this plan, it is important to keep certain things in mind and retain the services of an experienced California estate planning attorney to be sure your plan entails everything you need. 

What Should My Plan Include?

The first step in creating a digital estate is to take inventory of your digital assets. If you own a business, be sure to create a separate list of business assets. Assets to include in either list can include:

  • Computing hardware such as computers, hard drives, flash drives, tablets, smartphones, cameras, etc.
  • Any information stored electronically
  • Online accounts such as email, social media, photo sharing, shopping, storage, websites, blogs, etc.
  • Domain names
  • Intellectual properties

You must leave instructions on how to access these assets, including a login and password as well as answers to security questions. In addition to this, your digital estate plan should include how you wish these assets to be managed if you are unable or not around to manage them yourself. For example, you may want some assets to be saved while others can be deleted or transferred to loved ones. This can be taken care of by an executor, who is someone you trust to carry out your final wishes. 

Where Do I Store the Plan?

Once all of your information is together, it is important to protect your plan in a secure location. This may be with an attorney, an online storage service, or a safe. In doing so, be sure to inform your executor of where you choose to store it and how it can be accessed. 

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