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Guiding CA clients through developing pet trusts

Our pets are family members. Some of us know that when we die our pets will be cared for by family or friends but others feel the need to be more specific. California law recognizes that it may be appropriate in some circumstances to create a trust for the care and maintenance of pets. If you are interested in knowing more about pet trusts or need a compassionate environment in which to develop a comprehensive estate plan that involved pet trusts, please contact The Law Offices of Yacoba Ann Feldman.

How do I create a pet trust?

A pet trust can be created in a will, as a part of a revocable living trust or as a stand-alone trust. The terms of a pet trust should be personalized like the terms for gifts to other beneficiaries. The guidance you give the trustee can be broad or specific. You will need to name a trustee for the trust who may or may not be the same person who will actually have custodial responsibilities for your pets. When appointing a caregiver or custodian for your pets, provide directions for health care, if you prefer a specific veterinarian, guidance on burial or cremation. You will want to instruct how any remaining funds are to be distributed after your pets have died. Making proper plans for the care and well-being of your pets can be satisfying and relieve stress.

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It is important to consider what will happen after we are gone. Preparing for the future of our pets can be a powerful step towards a comprehensive estate plan. The Law Offices of Yacoba Ann Feldman has been a legal resource to people in the San Fernando Valley for over 35 years. When preparing for the future, it is important to consider the attorney you choose today. Our firm provides a supportive and warm environment that helps our clients openly discuss their goals for the future. If you need a consultation, contact The Law Offices of Yacoba Ann Feldman for a consultation today.