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I could not have done it without her expertise. Jaci is the best. I have already recommended her services to several of my friends.

- Walt Sweeney

Jaci Feldman is fantastic! She just helped my client with his family trust. His father past away, and they needed to sell the home. I sold the home quickly and Jaci made sure everything was in order on her side of the transaction so there were no delays during escrow. She always responded to phone calls, and emails quickly. She was a pleasure to work with. If you are thinking of doing some Estate planning give her a call!

- Todd S.

I have been very happy using Jaci’s legal guidance for several years now. The company that I own had been hit badly by the financial crisis. Jaci developed a very effective game plan for us. She is a very hands-on, attentive, detail oriented and caring attorney. The deals she struck with our creditors saved our business. She made it possible for us to survive this crisis. We are very grateful we used Jaci’s services and would gladly recommend her to anyone who needs effective and practical legal counsel. She’s been a lifesaver.

- Shan O.

Jaci was my aunt’s estate and family attorney. Not only did Jaci create my aunt’s will and revise it several times but during the last few years of my her life, Jaci provided the vital resources necessary to assist my aunt with her mobility, transportation, caregivers, nursing facilities, retirement homes, etc. My aunt was always very appreciative of Jaci’s efforts and loved Jaci as a person. My aunt was not easy on Jaci. Sometimes she’d call Jaci several times a day. Jaci was always very kind and compassionate to her, listened to her needs, and provided her the human touch that my aunt needed. When my aunt passed away, Jaci recommended a company that divided my aunt’s personal property into categories for distribution. Some items would be disposed of, some were given to charity, heirlooms went to family, while other items were sold. Jaci then assisted us in finding a real estate team who made repairs to my aunt’s house, made it presentable, then sold it. Jaci’s been a jewel. She’s now our family attorney. We love her!

- Daniel F.

I am leaving this testimonial to help others as I am a great user of reviews myself. I met Jaci when I had to do the liquidation of an estate including a business following the death of my ex-husband. Not knowing anybody I asked a very successful and serious business owner friend of mine in LA whom he would recommend because besides the closing of the estate there was a very complicated case where I was going to loose the house. He recommended his lawyer Jaci Feldman. That was a blessing! I had nearly given up fighting for the house knowing very well how staggering the escalation in lawyers bills is. I had been given estimates by a few other lawyers that I knew would, in the end, double or rather triple without maybe resolution of the case. At the last moment, I could not give up and brought a box full of legal papers to Jaci who told me: Gee… I don’t think it’s worth it for you ! the case is too complicated. Somehow, she started on the case and she negotiated it to success. Her fees were so reasonable I could not believe it. Then she helped me close the estate and did my Trust. .She is just so brilliant and so honest. I will always be grateful to her.Now that I live in NY I really miss her.

- Rebecca H.

Jaci is a professional she is diligent, understanding, committed and extremely knowledgeable. If you want somebody with those qualities then Jaci is your pick. I have had the pleasure of working with Jaci, and that is exactly what I found. I would jump at the opportunity to work with her again.

- Gail S.

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