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The importance of planning ahead for long-term care

The need for long-term care should be considered during the estate planning process. Recent statistics show that an estimated 60 percent of Americans will need long-term care at some point in their lives. Long-term care is becoming more common as our population ages and life spans lengthen. This is because many people of advanced age […]

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Estate planning in the electronic age: protecting your digital assets

Take a moment to think about your digital footprint. Do you have accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest? What about business networks like those established by industry groups, alumni associations or on LinkedIn? Do you have online access to pay your credit cards, utilities, mortgage, car payments, student loans or other debts? […]

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Due care can help you avoid common estate planning mistakes

Many people avoid estate planning so they don’t have to think about the issue of their own deaths. However, much like taxes, death is inevitable. By understanding our own mortality – and taking steps now to plan ahead – we can protect both our loved ones and our assets after we are gone. Generally, something […]

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What Happens to my Money After I Die in California?

For the most part, what happens to your money in the event of your passing is in your hands. Creating a proper estate plan will ensure that your assets are allocated according to your plans. Read on to learn more about what happens to your money, and some various estate planning documents that may be […]

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Modifying/Terminating Trusts in California | What to Know

As your life changes, your estate planning documents may change as well. In some cases, you may find yourself needing to modify or even terminate a trust that you have created. Read on to learn more. What is a Trust? A trust is a contract between a third party and an estate. The person who […]

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Including Sentimental Assets in a California Estate Plan

Not all assets have a large monetary value. Some assets are valuable because of the memories or meanings that they hold. This may include photographs, letters, jewelry items, and so on. While these assets may not be expensive, they are valuable and important and should be handled with care when it comes to the estate […]

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