California Pet Trusts

For many people, pets are considered part of the family and are even included when it comes time to create an estate plan. A lot of times, people want to make sure that their pets are taken care of in the event that they pass away. One of the ways that an individual can include their pet in their estate plan is by creating a pet trust.

There are three ways that an individual can go about creating a pet trust. These trusts can be created either as part of someone’s will, as part of someone’s revocable living trust, or even as part of a stand-alone trust. No matter which option the individual chooses, they can outline the specifics of their wishes for the pet. They will be able to appoint a caregiver for the pet, outline the maintenance and specifics regarding care for the pet, recommend a veterinarian, and can even give instructions regarding what will happen upon the death of the pet.

While this may seem extreme for some people, pets truly are considered members of many families who treat their pet as they would treat a child. If you have questions about pet trusts in California, contact our firm today.

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