Role of Power of Attorney Representatives

When an individual is appointed the designated representative for a durable power of attorney, it is important that they are completely aware of any responsibility given to them. A durable power of attorney exists even after the individual who created it becomes unavailable or incapacitated.  A durable power of attorney is very flexible and allow the individual drafting it to appoint only the responsibilities and power they wish to give to the attorney-in-fact, which is the person who they appoint.

A power of attorney can be incredibly useful not only when a person becomes disabled or incapacitated, but also if they are out of the state or country and need a trusted representative to act on their behalf. For example, if an individual is taking part in a real estate transaction but cannot be at the closing, they will need an individual with power of attorney to act on his or her behalf. This is also the case for many other financial transactions such as investments, paying bills, depositing and withdrawing funds, and more.

A power of attorney can also appoint an individual to make health-based decisions for an individual who can no longer make decisions for themselves. If you have questions about appointing a power of attorney, contact our firm today.

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