What Are Common Excuses People Use to Put Off Creating Their Estate Plan?

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There are many reasons why people put off creating an estate plan, but we do not think that most of these excuses hold up. If you are one of the people saying that there is something standing in the way of your plans to meet with a lawyer and iron out all of the details of your plan, ditch the excuses and talk to a Woodland Hills, California estate planning attorney from our law firm.

What Are Some Bad Reasons to Put Off Creating an Estate Plan?

There are a variety of common excuses for why people want to put off estate planning. Some that we hear often include:

  • The cost
  • They do not have enough to pass down
  • They are not old enough
  • It seems confusing
  • They do not want to think about it
  • It seems like a lot of work
  • They do not expect a battle over their estate

Some of these may seem like good reasons at first, but they do not hold up under closer scrutiny. You should set up an estate plan even if you do not have a lot of stuff, since there is probably still something that you want to pass down to the right person. Your age does not matter because something could happen to you at any age. And yes, establishing your own estate plan is a lot of work and can be costly, but we think that it is more than worthwhile.

What Happens to My Stuff If I Do Not Have an Estate Plan?

When people do not have an estate plan established, what they leave behind has to go through a probate process. Essentially, the courts decide which assets of yours go where.

This can be stressful for families. It can also cost them a lot of money when you count up the legal and court fees. If you make a plan of your own, your loved ones do not need to worry about any of this.

How Can Creating an Estate Plan Help My Beneficiaries?

The main benefit of an estate plan is that everything is accounted for. If you have property, homes, vehicles, and money to leave to others, your plan puts that in writing and makes it hard to refute later. Your beneficiaries will get what you intended for them, and there will be fewer arguments over where everything is supposed to go. Your loved ones also do not have to worry about going through the probate process, which can cost plenty of time and money.

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