What Do I Need to Know About Writing a Will in California?

All people should create an estate plan at some point in their life. This is because it ensures their assets are protected for the future. A common part of doing so is by writing a will. This allows the individual to have a clear plan for what they wish to happen to their belongings in the event of their death or incapacitation. In doing so, it can be beneficial to retain the services of an experienced California estate planning attorney for guidance. 

How do I Start a Will?

When a person wishes to write a will, the first thing they must do is decide who will draw up the document for them. It is generally in a person’s best interest to have an attorney do this for them to ensure it is done correctly. If they wish to write a will on their own, there are several kits available to choose from. However, it is important to know that, in doing so, it is possible to open yourself up to many potential legal pitfalls. Something as simple as misphrasing can result in errors within your plan. 

It is also important to choose an executor carefully. This is a person who will handle the estate matters after the individual’s death, in accordance with their wishes. They should be trusted to follow the last wishes honestly and correctly. Oftentimes, people appoint their spouses or children. 

What is a Guardian?

When a parent has children under the age of 18, they may wish to include protections for their children within a will. This can include appointing a legal guardian for them in the event of their death or incapacitation. If they fail to do so, the court can appoint a person that may not have been desired. Parents want to ensure the best for their child, which is why they should choose a guardian on their own instead of allowing the court to do so for them. 

What is a Trustee?

Simply put, a trustee is a person that is appointed to manage the finances within a trust on behalf of an underage beneficiary at the time of death or incapacitation. This individual has the right to manage investments, money, and property until a beneficiary of the trust is of age to do so themselves.

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