What Must I Do to Ensure My Estate Plan is Legally Binding in California?

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When it comes time to start planning your estate, you may become so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information and options that you miss a minor detail. Though this small error may not seem like a big deal, it can impact the legality of your estate, meaning your trust fund, will, or power of attorney may be deemed invalid. As a result, the plans you had will not be followed. If you want to know what factors can make your plan legally binding and how a Woodland Hills, California estate planning attorney can help, you’ll want to keep reading.

What Influences the Validity of an Estate Plan?

When you have a document like a trust or last will and testament, many seemingly insignificant variables can impact whether or not your plan is legally binding. Unfortunately, something as simple as forgetting to sign your document or singing it in the wrong spot will threaten the validity of the plan. Similarly, if the way you word your document goes against California’s estate planning laws, it can be deemed invalid despite being your wishes.

Also, forgetting to update your will is something that can rule it invalid. If you do not update after the birth of a child, marriage, or divorce, or after purchasing a new property, someone may contest the will by questioning the validity of the document. If the courts agree, your will may be ruled invalid, subjecting your estate to California’s intestate laws of succession.

How Can an Attorney Help Me Ensure My Estate Plan is Legally Binding?

The most effective way to ensure the validity of your estate plan is to work with an experienced attorney. Unfortunately, many websites offer extremely cheap estate planning options that customers can “DIY” at home. However, these websites do not provide personalized experience and advice that can help a person unfamiliar with estate law. Instead, people who use these templates are often subjecting their assets to intestacy, as there is no one to help them through the planning process or reviewing the document upon its completion.

Not only will a competent attorney walk you through the process of creating your will, but they also have the knowledge to ensure it is legally binding. This includes ensuring you’ve signed in the correct places, ensuring your witnesses have signed the document and making sure it does not contradict the terms outlined in other estate planning documents, among other factors.

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